Jeremy studied at Ilkley Grammar School and then Bath Academy of Art (part of Bath University) under the tutorship of, amongst others, Sir Michael Craig Martin.

Leaving university with a BA in Visual Communication.

The next 3 years were dedicated to cycle racing (not so trendy in those days), and he reached international amateur status; racing in the UK, France, Holland and Belgium.

Then onto London, to start, in earnest, his career in art and design. First in graphic design, then publishing and finally advertising, as an art director for various agencies, before finally setting up his own agency.

There, as Creative Director, he won many advertising creative awards, including 3 Clios, over the next 15 years for a wide variety of clients.

After selling the agency, he revisited his artistic roots and started exploring, researching and creating contemporary art.

He is a member of the Chelsea Arts Club.


Any life experience that has had a strong emotional of physical effect provides the inspiration for my work.

From a naive childhood, to the ecstasy and the agony of cycle road racing, to the dedication, egos, risks and politics of working and setting up a creative agency in advertising - they all provide a rich source of subject matter for art.

Whether it be an emotion or attitude to life, or something naturally beautiful or unusual.

Every notable life experience has a visual image, and through drawings and photo reference I can shape a new work from both old and new memories.

The paintings are predominantly acrylic on canvas - I appreciate the quick drying time - and are impressionistic, but in a contemporary way.

The aim is always to be noticeable and to connect with the audience.

There is usually a selection of recent work for sale at