Jeremy studied at Ilkley Grammar School, where on the advice of his art master, he changed the direction of his career from civil engineering to one in the world of art.

He went on to Bath Academy of Art (part of Bath University) under the tutorship of, amongst others, Michael Craig Martin.

Leaving university with a BA in Visual Communication.

The next 3 years were dedicated to cycle racing (not so trendy in those days), and he reached international amateur status; racing in the UK, France, Holland and Belgium.

Then onto London, where artistic skills became the priority, first in graphic design, then publishing and finally advertising, as an art director for various agencies, before finally setting up his own agency.

There, as Creative Director, he won many advertising creative awards, including 3 Clios, over the next 15 years for a wide variety of clients.

After selling the agency, he revisited my artistic roots and started exploring, researching and creating contemporary art.


Life experience, and nature provide the source of inspiration for much of his work.

The paintings are impressionistic, usually fairly large, and visually dramatic through the use of colour, contrast and a distinctive use of angled shapes.

There is usually a selection of recent work for sale at